Stephanie Davis is vomiting 'all day every day'

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  • 23 November 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has been battling with sickness all day every day throughout her pregnancy

Stephanie Davis has been vomiting "all day every day."

The 23-year-old actress is nine weeks away from when she's expected to give birth to her first child but it seems her nausea, which she experienced throughout the first and second trimester, is still taking over her life as she can't stop being sick "everywhere."

Taking to her Twitter account on Wednesday (23.11.16), the brunette beauty - who is currently in London for work - said: "This being sick has to stop soon, hate not feeling well and having to run to find somewhere to be sick. All day every day man (sic)."

The former 'Hollyoaks' star hasn't had the easiest of pregnancy so far as she was rushed to hospital last week when she woke up in the the night with excruciating pain in her stomach, began vomiting violently and saw blood leaking from her back passage.

She said: "At about 4 o'clock in the morning, I had the worst pain ever. The pain just started getting really bad, I was panicking. The pain was that bad that I was vomiting.

"I was seeing black dots and then my mum came to the toilet with me and obviously I was in so much pain that I wasn't sure what was going on and then when it got to the top of the pain, I felt a release. And I was like, 'Oh mum, what's that? I feel better now!' And she looked just to make sure everything was OK and she saw loads of blood come out. So she started panicking ... It was from the back passage."

Although the blood was pouring out of her anus, doctors still rushed Stephanie up to the maternity suite as they were convinced she could have been going into labour.

She said: "I ended up going to hospital and I'm still waiting for some results. They couldn't give me too many drugs because I'm pregnant ... They took me straight up to the delivery ward because the blood was coming out and the pain was that bad I was vomiting, everything was pushing down there so water came out."

Doctors are still running tests on the brunette beauty but think she could have Colitis - a chronic life-long condition in which the colon and rectum become inflamed.

She explained: "They think I've got Colitis which flares up every now and then but they're not sure yet, they're waiting on other results."

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