Secret Show 1 (4 stars)

Review: Secret Show 1

Slanted and enchanted play from collective Blood of The Young

In these uncertain times, when arts funding is increasingly erratic, Blood of The Young tread a singular path. While others are mired in safe, traditional theatre that reflects first world problems, they dare to play fast and loose with well-loved drama.

By taking a familiar play, and reworking it through their collective skills, Blood of the Young aim to rescue theatre from the mundane and offer a showcase of their wit and panache. The script itself, however, remains a secret.

With Paul Brotherston at the helm, this adaptation of a classic play is a fine example of their punky aesthetic. They pull apart the fabric of the text, only to stitch it back together in a patchwork of music, audience participation and ramshackle action. Everyone is complicit.

Meghan Tyler makes a formidable lead, weaving her magic against a strong support including an impish Alisdair Hankinson and 'monstrous' David Rankine who is also a fantastic drummer.

Indeed, the use of music is key here. Nancy Sinatra's 'Sugar Town', Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' and rather incongruously, Spandau Ballet's 'True', are all seamlessly integrated into the narrative.

With Astroturf, water pistols and some of the finest drunken acting ever to grace a stage (from lairy double act Esme Bayley and Dylan Reid) purists could be a little offended, were the performances not so tight.

The storyline may get a little incoherent towards the middle, but it all resolves beautifully to thunderous applause.

Tron Theatre, Glasgow (run ended).

Secret Show 1

Anarchic and new take on a classic play, but the title is a secret.

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