Alan Carr had laryngoscopy

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  • 22 November 2016
Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Alan Carr had to have a laryngoscopy carried out today but he refused to divulge the reason why

Alan Carr had to have a camera stuffed down his throat on Tuesday (22.11.16).

The 40-year-old funny man - who is known for his high-pitched voice - was forced to have a laryngoscopy, a procedure that allows a surgeon to look at the back of your nose, throat and voice box, in the ear, nose and throat department at hospital.

Taking to his Twitter account today, he wrote: "Off to ear nose and throat clinic to have a camera put down my throat - yay!!! ... The throat camera is long and thin apparently *imagines it's a matchmaker and closes eyes* (sic)."

It's not known why the 'Chatty Man' star was advised to have the procedure but he's no doubt hoping to get the problem sorted before he ties the knot with Paul Drayton.

Paul proposed to Alan in Indonesia in September and the pair have already decided they want their close friend Adele to perform at the wedding.

Alan said recently: "The engagement only happened last week so I don't know exactly what we'll do. But a big old wedding and we'll get Adele singing 'Someone Like You'."

However, although the proposal was the happiest day of his life, Alan has admitted the moment didn't go according to plan.

Explaining that he thought he had pulled out a filling after he bit into the ring, which was hidden in his dessert, Alan said: "The man on the organ starts singing 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?' Then the chef, all the staff came out and the manager and sang 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' but they didn't know the next lyric, so they just sang, 'Can you feel the love tonight? Can you feel the love tonight?'

"So it was my idea of hell, but of course I said yes."

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