Peyton backs Honey G for shock X Factor win

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  • 22 November 2016


Former 'X Factor' hopeful Peyton believes Honey G can follow in Donald Trump's footsteps and pull off another shock win in 2016

Peyton is predicting Honey G will win this year's 'X Factor' in what will be the last shock result of 2016.

The 46-year-old singer got to the Judges' Houses stage of the current series of the ITV talent show but his journey came to a surprise end when mentor Sharon Osbourne decided not to take him to the live shows as one of her three acts in the Overs category.

Honey G was one of the three artists she did pick and the rapper will be performing again as one of the quarter finalists this Saturday (26.11.16) after being saved in the sing-off last weekend when the judging panel chose to send home Ryan Lawrie instead of her.

Peyton has already been stunned on two occasions this year when the UK public voted to leave the European Union in the summer, and just this month when his fellow Americans elected former 'Apprentice' star Donald Trump to be the next President and a Honey G 'X Factor' victory would round off a year of "unexpected wins".

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "She can win, after Trump's win you can never say never. Social media can bring about results which you could have never previously imagined.

"If she wins I think it will just round off a year of unexpected wins, I think it will fit perfectly into 2016 because it has been the year of the unexpected triumph. Brexit, Trump then Honey G!"

Despite many viewers describing the 'North Weezy' lyricist as a joke, Peyton has enjoyed watching Honey G's journey on the live shows and he thinks she's been getting improving week after week.

He said: "I think she is getting better which shows you that this process gives anybody a chance to develop. Everybody has got the chance to improve as a performer and as an artist if you are given the chance. She's getting better and even from the very beginning she wasn't the worst."

However, Peyton is unsure Honey G can sustain long-term success in the music business but he thinks a TV career could be in her future like 'X Factor' alumni Rylan Clark-Neal.

He mused: "If she does win, it will be interesting to see what sort of long-term career they are able to manage for her ... My personal opinion is that they could struggle with a long-term career for her. It would be good for the kids, but when we say kids we mean kids they're not necessarily old enough to be buying music. Whether she will resonate with a slightly older crowd who can actually buy tickets or buy music, I don't know ... She may end up with a TV career like Rylan, there's a lot of directions she can go in. These are things that I'm sure Simon Cowell is very aware of."

Peyton's future is firmly fixed on music and after making dance records for years he is putting the finishing touches to his new solo album, which he has described as sounding like Sam Smith's music but more uplifting, ready for release in 2017

He said: "I've been beavering away on this album and now I'm finishing things up and it's sounding really good! It's like Sam Smith's music but not as depressing!"

Anyone who can't wait until next year to hear Peyton's LP can stream his new single 'I'll Rise' - which he performed for his 'X Factor' audition - at Spotify, Shazam and Soundcloud.

The track is also available as a digital download by subscribing to his newsletter at

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