Ben Cohen's baby daughter is 'spitting image' of him

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  • 21 November 2016
Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff

Ben Cohen and Kristina Rihanoff

Ben Cohen's four-month-old daughter Milena looks exactly like him

Ben Cohen's baby daughter is the "spitting image" of him.

Kristina Rihanoff can't help but giggle when she sits Milena next to her hunky partner because the similarities between their appearance and mannerisms are uncanny.

She said: "She's [Milena] the absolute spitting image of Ben which always makes me laugh because when you sit them together they really do look like two peas in a pod."

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional has always wanted to become a mother but didn't realise having the little one four months ago would change her life quite as much as it has because Milena has become her number one priority now.

Speaking to the, she said: "I always knew that I wanted to be a mum one day but my career as a dancer was so all-encompassing that I could never be sure when and if it would actually happen.

Having Milena, or Mila as we call her, has changed my life completely and I cannot imagine ever loving anyone more. Of course parenthood is quite an adjustment and you do have to make sacrifices but being a mother has brought me so much joy and so far we have been very lucky because Mila is such an easy, smiley baby."

The couple - who met on the dancing show in 2013 - may be busy with work and their daughter but they still try to go do date nights to ensure they have time for themselves.

Ben said recently: "I asked her the other day if she wants to go dancing together and she just completely ignored me. I was like, 'Oh OK, I'll just go to the gym.' "

Kristina, 39, added: "Date nights are important when you have a little baby. She's amazing, she's really really good."

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