Ezra Miller: Harry Potter helped me 'escape' the school bullies

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  • 18 November 2016
Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller says the Harry Potter audio books helped him escape his school bullies when he was growing up

Ezra Miller says the 'Harry Potter' series helped him escape his school bullies.

The 24-year-old actor - who stars as Credence - in the new Harry Potter spin-off film 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' - was just seven-years-old when his father read him the first novel about the boy wizard.

He told the Metro newspaper: "During middle school I would listen to Harry Potter every single day. It was my escape. I went through a really intense period of being bullied in school. I had a stutter when I was a kid.

"What cured my speech impediment was singing, which led me to being a kid obsessed with opera, so that didn't help! Then my voice changed, which meant that I couldn't be in the opera, but it also meant that I had hormones that made me realise that I was attracted to a bunch of different people and not all of them were just one gender."

Meanwhile, Ezra previously revealed he sought advice from Emma Watson when he found out he had been cast in 'Fantastic Beasts...'

He said: "Eddie Redmayne had stolen my thunder because he'd already talked [to Emma] because he was cast long ago and he told her I was already cast so she already knew. Outrageous!

"She was delighted; she knew what the books had meant to me as a young person so she could imagine how much joy I was feeling. She said wonderful things about Jo, about David [Yates] and about Eddie. She worked with Eddie on 'My Week With Marilyn'. She just told me to buckle my seatbelts on all of my limbs and digits and prepare for a fun ride. Keep my hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times."

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