Various Artists – Real Rio (4 stars)

Various Artists – Real Rio

New alternative and electronic sounds from the Brazilian capital

Compiled by Chico Dub, director of the Novas Frequencias festival, Real Rio gathers new sounds from the Brazilian capital. Disc one samples broadly from the city's alternative scene, taking in Ava Rocha's awesomely noisy electronic samba, Negro Leo's jittery post-punk poetry, and Opala's glistening electro-pop. The presence of Caetano Veloso collaborator Ricardo Dias Gomes and 79-year-old samba sujo (dirty samba) legend Elza Soares underlines the Brazilian mainstream's openness to sonic adventure. Disc two focuses on electronic music, before taking a final detour into experimental noise courtesy of Chelpa Ferro and the doomy Bemônio. João Brasil's 'Pai Amor' is gloriously demented, setting helium voices against MC Sabará's dosed sing-song rapping, while rave klaxons go off over trap snares and handclaps.

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