Free Nelson MandoomJazz – The Organ Grinder (3 stars)

Free Nelson MandoomJazz – The Organ Grinder

Edinburgh jazz-metal trio make good on their early promise

Edinburgh's Free Nelson Mandoomjazz are still burdened with that awful name, but their second album is a marked improvement on their underpowered debut, making good on their fusion of free jazz and doom metal. Recorded in the capital's Reid Hall, The Organ Grinder benefits from the big room sound, with Rebecca Sneddon's saxophone burning up the air around her. Rather than pile on the fuzz, the rhythm section uses the space to build atmosphere. The addition of trumpeter Luc Klein and trombonist Patrick Darley on several tracks is particularly effective, drawing agitated yelps and altissimo squeals from Sneddon.

Out now on RareNoise.

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