Rav Wilding almost got face slashed by drug mule

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  • 17 November 2016
Rav Wilding

Rav Wilding

Rav Wilding nearly got his face slashed by a drug mule when he was a policeman, and has admitted it was a "very scary time"

Rav Wilding almost had his face slashed by a drug mule when he was a policeman.

The 39-year-old television presenter - who joined Metropolitan Police Service in 2000 - has admitted he has had some near-death experiences during his time in the forces, which saw a man, who was smuggling illegal substances into the country, lash out at the dark-haired hunk because he was high on the drug LSD.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the close encounter, Rav - who presented 'Crimewatch' for seven years - said: "I remember a time in the police when I got called to a burglary in a disused school.

"I climbed over the fence and it was all completely pitch black and I was going through with my little torch and finding if there was anything going on. Very often when you get calls to these things the alarm has gone off by accident.

"Then suddenly out of nowhere a guy just jumped out in front of me with eyes like saucers and slashing a knife across towards my face.

"This guy was a drug mule and he'd come over from Europe to smuggle a load of drugs into the UK, but instead of smuggling he had eaten a lot of the content, a drug called LSD, which was a drug that made him hallucinate.

"That was pretty horrendous because the knife was pretty close, I felt the wind brush past my face and my nose. It could have been anything."

Fortunately Rav was able to use "a bit of muscle" to escape and capture the criminal.

He explained: "Luckily I jumped out of the way and managed to deal with the guy with spray and a bit of muscle."

However, the television personality believes the offender had no idea what was going on and, in his eyes, Rav could have been a "pink fluffy bunny" to him.

He said: "He really didn't have a clue what was going on, and was slashing his knife across and I could have been anyone, I could have been a pink fluffy bunny. That was a very scary time. We managed to get him to hospital and get him dealt with quickly."

Rav is currently presenting a three-part documentary called 'British Police Murdered On Duty', which explores officers who were murdered in the line of duty.

British Police Murdered On Duty, Fridays, 10pm on Investigation Discovery

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