Exposure: Vital Idles

Exposure: Vital Idles

Drummer talks new Scottish music

Where Glasgow's visual art and music undergrounds meet, that's where Vital Idles emerged, fully formed and ready to shake things up. Touting dancy, biting sounds inspired by the likes of Kleenex and the Smiths, their 7" is released in November. We caught up with drummer, Matt, to chat about the Scottish scene, pals helping pals, and what other bands we should be keeping an eye on.

On their new release
We're very honoured to be releasing a 7" via Not Unloved Records, the first release on the (re)new(ed) label from David 'Brogues' Brogan. We've been churning out songs over several cassettes now which Brogues has been very fond of, so it's such an amazing thing to be asked to do something from a friend we regard so highly. In terms of what people should expect? Two songs of average speed, one a little faster than the other. Minimal racket on the A side; flamboyant pop on the B side.

On songwriting
It's generally a team effort. To be perfectly honest with you, Ruari, who plays bass, is both a genius and very stubborn musically, so he'll more often than not have something to work on and we'll keep chipping away at it through practice, hanging out, and drinking beers. I think we're all playing in ways we like and that counts for a lot. When it comes to lyrics, that's all Jessica's work, and, with the highest respect to everyone else, she's the best at writing smart words in Glasgow in my opinion.

On repping their peers
Glasgow is definitely great for bands right now. In no order I love Anxiety, Apostille, Asparagus Piss Raindrop, CRU Servers, Current Affairs, Gummy Stumps, Jutland Songs, Mordwaffe, Pigs Nest, and Spinning Coin. Further afield, we all really want to see the Secret Admirer full band experience, we're looking forward to the new Irma Vep record, and are always waiting for the Waiters comeback. The Scottish music scene is great right now, from contemporaries in labels and promotions to everybody turning out to shows and buying records.