Candice Brown is in 'no rush' to get married

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  • 14 November 2016
Candice Brown

Candice Brown

Candice Brown is in "no rush" to tie the knot with her fiance Liam Macaulay, although they do plan on getting married and having children in the future

Candice Brown is in "no rush" to tie the knot.

The 31-year-old 'Great British Bake Off' champion has admitted she her and her fiancé Liam Macaulay will get married "one day", and have a family together, but she has revealed there is no immediate urgency to hurry their future just yet.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the red-headed beauty said: "We'll get married one day but there's no rush. We'll have kids too. Family is very important to us both. We want it all."

And Candice believes she is "very lucky" to have Liam as her partner because he is her "biggest support" and has always told her how "proud" he is of her.

She said: "Liam is my biggest support. He tells me every day that he's so proud of me."

However Candice - who was the last contestant to ever win the BBC One cooking show before it switches over to Channel 4 - has revealed she is hurt by people's reaction to her beau's past, which saw him sentenced to 16 months in prison in April 2012 for dealing cannabis.

Speaking previously, she explained: "It's difficult. I'm only human. But not everyone's going to like you. In my little world it would be nice if everyone liked everyone.

"I do understand that comes with being in the public eye. But it is hurtful. I really am only human. I deal with it and move on. And I never forget the support I've had."

Meanwhile, Candice - who is a PE teacher - has revealed her pupils kept quizzing her as to why she was still working following in their school following her win on this year's series.

She explained: "When I went into school after the final was on TV the kids went: 'Why are you in, miss? You're a millionaire!'"

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