Dev Patel becomes 'a man' in Lion

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  • 14 November 2016
Dev Patel

Dev Patel

Dev Patel became "a man" when he filmed 'Lion' because he had to undergo a drastic makeover, which saw him grow out his hair and beard to appear more mature and masculine

Dev Patel became "a man" when he filmed 'Lion'.

The 26-year-old actor has revealed he was asked by the productions film director Garth Davis to undergo a drastic "change" for his role as Saroo Brierley in the upcoming drama to look like a man "no one has ever seen before", which led him to grow his hair and beard to look more mature and masculine.

Speaking in a question and answer about the project, which has since been reported on The Hollywood Reporter, the 'Slumdog Millionaire' star said: "After the audition, [Davis] said 'If we decide to go with you. I really want you to change.' He said he wanted to see a Dev Patel that no one has ever seen before.

"I become a man, really."

Patel has revealed he wanted to be fully committed to the project, and immediately after the audition he told his manager to clear his schedule for the "next eight months" so he wouldn't get distracted by other jobs whilst shooting scenes for the production..

He explained: "I called my manager straight after I walked out of the audition and told him that if I get it, don't send me anything for the next eight months. Don't distract me with any other work or audition."

And Patel has admitted opportunities such as 'Lion' don't come around "very often" for him.

He said: "Journeys like this don't come around very often for someone who looks like I do."

Meanwhile Saroo Brierley - who the movie is based on - has revealed he hopes the production truthfully and honestly depicts his reality.

Speaking about the movie, he said: "I think the thing that I really wanted, along with my family, is that the film came out the way it had been in reality."

Patel stars alongside Nicole Kidman, who plays the role of Patel's on-screen mother Sue Brierley, Rooney Mara and David Wenham in the movie.

'Lion' is set to hit the big screens on November 25.

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