Lucy Watson doesn't want to get married yet

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 November 2016
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson has admitted she's got no desire to get married and settle down with her partner James Dunmore just yet

Lucy Watson doesn't want to get married just yet.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has been dating James Dunmore for just over a year and, although they're living together, they have no plans to get hitched any time soon.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "Well we are living together but I think the whole storyline on the show got really blown out of proportion. Neither of us are really thinking about marriage right now, we are still quite young. Who knows for the future, but it's still not on the cards right now. We moved in with each other earlier this year, so that's going really well."

However, when the 26-year-old beauty does feel ready to settle down and start a family, she has already decided that her children will be raised as vegans, which involves eliminating all animals and their products from their diet, after she adopted the lifestyle earlier this year.

She said recently: "Yes, they will [be raised as vegans]. I'm not going to have kids that eat meat or dairy. Like, I would just never do that because it's the most hypocritical thing ever.

"But I'm dating a meat eater so if he happens to be the one that I have children with then it will be difficult. But I've said to him actually that if we ever have kids, I want them to be vegan.

"I hope when I have children, it'll be a long way off because I'm only 25 and I'm quite traditional about things like that. I think I want to live my life before I have kids.

"I think it would be a lot more acceptable by the time I do it and there will be a lot more options around and there will be a lot more vegan kids around.

"The next generation is really who we're relying on to save this planet so I hope there will be a lot more vegans around."

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