Honey G's drug confession

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  • 12 November 2016
Honey G

Honey G

Honey G has revealed that she used to be addicted to drugs

'X Factor's Honey G previously battled drug addiction.

The 35-year-old rapper says she became addicted to narcotics after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted when she was at university.

She told The Sun: "I have struggled with addiction. I have nothing to hide. I did do some class A drugs like cocaine and I did pills.

"The thing about me is there is actually a story behind me and my life. It's not like, 'Hi I've just turned up on X Factor'.

"I've been a musician my entire life and I've been through real experiences. I'm totally real, hardcore and I have experienced things that are real.

"I do not do Class A drugs any more. A pill, a bit of coke, I would not touch that nowadays. I was still doing a bit of coke but I don't touch it now."

After Honey G's confession, 'X Factor' bosses questioned her about her drug use and issued a statement.

Spokesman Rick Behari said: "We've spoken to Honey and she's assured us she has not taken drugs while being on the show."

Meanwhile, Honey G - whose real name is Anna Gilford - recently slammed Little Mix star Jesy Nelson after she recently claimed the rapper is an actress and her inclusion on the show is all an act.

Honey fumed: "I mean literally that's one of the most ridiculous things that I've ever heard.

"It's annoying and obviously it's quite insulting to be called an actress.

"I've been a musician the whole of my life.

"I've got a musical background, I've got a degree from one of the best universities for music production.

"I've been rapping and producing for about 15 years. I'm also involved closely with BBC Radio 1Xtra which is the UK's biggest black music radio station.

"So yeah, she needs her head checked because she doesn't really know what she's chatting about."

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