New and recently published books to read before end of 2016

New and recently published books to read before end of 2016

Including titles by Jodi Picoult, Clare Mackintosh, Alan Cumming and Simon Scarrow

Hands up if you started a book reading challenge at the start of 2016? I did, and I've still got 15 books to finish if I'm going to end the year with a smug bookworm glow. Luckily there's plenty of new reads hitting the shelves and, if you need convincing of their merit before you begin, the authors are out in force this November promoting their creative efforts as part of Book Week Scotland.

Jodi Picoult: Small Great Things
The international bestselling author published her latest novel, Small Great Things in America, this October, with the UK publish date set for Tue 22 Nov. Eleven of her previous titles have been number one bestsellers in the UK so expect great things indeed. The novel tackles prejudice, race and privilege in the story of an African American nurse accused of a serious crime after a baby with white supremacist parents goes into cardiac distress in the hospital nursery.
Jodi Picoult discusses her latest novel in Glasgow (Fri 25 Nov), St Andrews (Sat 26 Nov), and Edinburgh (Sat 26 Nov).

Tony Robinson: No Cunning Plan
Blackadder's Baldrick never had a cunning plan so it should come as no surprise that neither did the actor who played him for four series. Tony Robinson, who presented Time Team for a staggering 20 years (that's a lot of broken pottery and bones), discusses his life and career, including the time John Wayne pushed him off a London dock, in his autobiography.
See Tony Robinson in Glasgow on Thu 24 Nov and Edinburgh on Fri 25 Nov.

Lin Anderson: None but the Dead
Forensic expert Dr Rhona MacLeod returns for her eleventh book, None but the Dead. When human remains are discovered on the remote island of Sanday Rhona and DS McNab must brave the dicey helicopter ride north to investigate a murder on an island more used to policing itself.
Lin Anderson discusses her novel in Gorebridge on Tue 22 Nov, hosts a creative writing session in Galashiels on Wed 23 Nov and is joined by fellow crime writer Alanna Knight in Hamilton on Thu 24 Nov.

Ian Rankin: Rather be the Devil
Retirement hasn't stopped Rebus, we never doubted it would. Back for his 21st novel the former Edinburgh detective is drawn back into the cold case of a woman murdered in a hotel room 40 years earlier. While in the city's underworld Darryl Christie is left vulnerable and Edinburgh gangster Cafferty is back on the scene.
Ian Rankin joins Mark Greenaway in Edinburgh on Mon 21 Nov to discuss their shared passions from food to crime novels.

Helen Sedgwick: The Comet Seekers
The Scottish physicist released her debut novel, The Comet Seekers, back in August. We described it as 'a beautiful balance of contrasts, of characters who work the earth and those who study the sky, of those driven to travel and those tied to home, of the wonders of both science and the supernatural.' This novel will make you want to buy a telescope to better understand the glories of our night sky.
Helen Sedgwick is part of a panel in Inverness aiming to encourage new writers to put themselves out there on Tue 22 Nov and discusses her novel in Glasgow on Thu 1 Dec.

Simon Scarrow: Invictus
If you thought Game of Thrones had a lot of volumes Simon Scarrow has just published the 15th book in his Eagles of the Empire series, Invictus. Set in 54AD, battle-scarred veterans Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro are recalled to Rome before being sent off to Spain, a land that declares itself unconquerable.
Simon Scarrow talks about his historical novels in Elgin (21 Nov), St Andrews (Tue 22 Nov), Perth (Tue 22 Nov) and Falkirk (Wed 23 Nov).

Clare Mackintosh: I See You
Published in July, I See You is a psychological thriller by an author who spent twelve years working for the police force. Clare Mackintosh's debut novel, I Let You Go, was the fastest-selling title by a new crime writer in 2015 and is a Sunday Times bestseller.
She discusses her novels and former career in Renfrew (Tue 22 Nov), Johnstone (Tue 22 Nov), Ayr (Wed 23 Nov), Stirling (Wed 23 Nov) and Perth (Thu 24 Nov).

Alan Cumming: You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams
The actor, author and activist Alan Cumming launched his latest book, You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams, in Scotland at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. His last book, Not My Father's Son: A Family Memoir was published in 2014 and became a New York Times bestseller. This time Cumming shows off his photography skills in a collection of anecdotes and photographs detailing his time in showbiz.
Alan Cumming talks about his latest book in Dundee on Fri 25 Nov.

Lin Anderson

Edinburgh crime writer Lin Anderson discusses her latest work. Lin Anderson is the co-founder of crime writing festival Bloody Scotland and author of numerous thrillers. She has written two series of novels, one starring forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod and the other private investigator Patrick de Courvoisier.