Ore Oduba practices dance moves in the shower

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  • 11 November 2016
Ore Oduba

Ore Oduba

Ore Oduba has been practicing his moves for 'Strictly Come Dancing' in the shower

Ore Oduba has been practising his dance moves in the shower.

The sports presenter is determined to do all he can to lift the 'Strictly Come Dancing' glitterball trophy next month so, as well as the eight hours a day he spends rehearsing in the studio, he's taken up twirling around while he has his daily wash.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "The place I really dance like no-one's watching is in the shower. There's music going on in my head and I'm twirling around and trying out my moves. Make what you will of the image that's conjured up."

And it's not just his dance moves that have improved over the past two months, as his waistline is also shaping up.

The 29-year-old hunk has managed to lose 11lbs over the past six weeks but doesn't understand how as, in between rehearsals, he's been gorging on calorific treats.

He said recently: "A lot of people mentioned weight loss before I started doing it, so I started eating early in anticipation of the dancing. So I put on a little extra. I've lost nearly a stone in the time since I got back from the Olympics [in Rio in August] - from just being active, and dancing. Practising for jive week, it just fell off. It was the most we'd sweated and the most we worked.

"(But one day I got through) three bags of Haribo [sweets], two bacon and egg sandwiches, a chicken and bacon sandwich and an entire Thai meal for one."

And it seems Ore's bad habits are rubbing off on his professional partner Joanne Clifton because she's also been demolishing high-carb grub.

The blonde star - who is a former world ballroom champion - explained: "When I used to complete I was on a strict sports diet, but when you're training for eight hours a day you burn it off anyway."

However, her parents - former world champions Keith and Judy Clifton - aren't impressed with her diet and gave her a telling off after she admitted live on air on the show's spin-off 'It Takes Two' that she regularly munches on sausage and mash.

She said: "I got told off by my parents. One of the questions was: 'What do you eat before a performance?' As a professional athlete, I should be saying: 'I don't eat much, a little bit of pasta.' But I said: 'Sausage and mash.' "

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