5 After Midnight's Kieran Alleyne has sickness bug

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  • 11 November 2016

5 After Midnight

5 After Midnight's performance on 'The X Factor' at the weekend is currently in jeopardy as Kieran Alleyne has been struck down with a sickness bug

5 After Midnight's Kieran Alleyne has been struck down with a stomach bug.

The 'X Factor' group's forthcoming performance on the show at the weekend is currently in jeopardy as they've been unable to rehearse because the handsome band member has been bedridden due to a sickly situation.

Taking to the band's Twitter account, Kieran wrote: "Feel so sick today!!" before following it up with a picture of him looking a little worse for wear in bed alongside the caption: "Back in bed send help!! (sic)."

But it's not just Kieran's illness that has been holding them back in rehearsals as the show's choreographer Brian Friedman revealed recently that the threesome - also comprised of Jordan Lee and Nathan Lewis - haven't been getting along.

He said: "They are not agreeing. They're standing around and I don't know how you would come together for something when you aren't even talking."

However, the boys don't think the tension is anything to worry about as it's usually over the "pettiest things" and is resolved in no time.

Kieran, 21, said: "It's the pettiest things. We're not splitting up, we're not over and nobody's feelings are hurt. It's like we're in a relationship!"

Meanwhile, Kieran has certainly had a lot on his plate in recent weeks as, not only is he trying to cope with the pressure of live shows, the hunk recently found out his girlfriend Sophie is pregnant with their first child.

He explained: I found out Sophie was pregnant just as we were flying to Judges' Houses. We're so excited about it! It's going to be wicked."

The shock pregnancy lead to the band holding a crisis talk with their mentor Louis Walsh, but the Irish music manager was thrilled with the news.

Kieran said: "He [Louis] was like, 'This is amazing, congratulations!'

"He was really supportive. Everyone on 'The X Factor' team has been so incredibly supportive - it's been wicked. It's all I could ask for."

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