Elizabeth Estensen understands the 'impotent rage' her Emmerdale character feels

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  • 10 November 2016
Elizabeth Estensen and Charlie Hardwick

Elizabeth Estensen and Charlie Hardwick

Elizabeth Estensen understands the "impotent rage" her 'Emmerdale' character is filled with during explosive row with Lachlan White

Elizabeth Estensen understands the "impotent rage" her 'Emmerdale' character is filled with during an explosive row with co-star Lachlan White.

The 67-year-old actress - who has played the role of Diane Sugden in the longstanding soap for over 16 years - has revealed she can appreciate the sheer "rage" Diane felt after she discovered her on-screen stepson Andy (played by Kelvin Fletcher) was framed for shooting Lawrence White and Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) is the true culprit.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Thursday (10.11.16) about her character's actions, which sees her hit Lachlan in a forthcoming episode, the star said: "We all know that rage that you feel when you know somebody is lying and they won't admit it. So I think that's what she feels.

"That's what the scripts have led me to believe she feels, so it's not out of character actually. She's very, very angry.

"She's furious. He's just being impertinent actually. She's talking to him and he holds a camera towards her, filming her, and she knocks it out of his hand and hits him."

And despite threatening Lachlan's mother Chrissie (Louise Marwood) with a gun, after she advised her on-screen son to pass the blame on to Andy, the former 'The Liver Birds' star has revealed she never intended to shoot Chrissie because she doesn't own a lethal weapon.

Elizabeth - who is known for having an on-screen affair with Val Pollard's husband Eric on the programme - explained: "Anger upon anger! But actually, she doesn't go in with a gun, obviously because she hasn't got one. She just gets furious and she sees the gun there."

However, Elizabeth has hinted she can't tell if Chrissie is "lying" when she breaks down in front of her and is putting on a front just to get sympathy.

She explained: "But is Chrissie lying? I don't know!"

Meanwhile Andy, who has escaped from behind bars, is on the run in the Yorkshire Dales after being accused of the crime.

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