Clubs preview: The Black Madonna at the Biscuit Factory

The Black Madonna

credit: Aldo Paredes

Chicago DJ Marea Stamper to play the Biscuit Factory on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of the busiest nights in the clubs calendar. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to genres, venues and DJs. 'Nowhere in the world do they celebrate Hogmanay like we do in Scotland,' says George Patrick, founding member of Bigfoot's Tea Party. 'These are the parties that change you when you're growing up, and the parties that you maybe cherish a little bit more when you're a little bit older. With that in mind, we want the Biscuit Factory NYE to be a night that people remember for a long time.'

Bigfoot's have teamed up with Sneaky Pete's to offer something rather special this Hogmanay: Chicago's Marea Stamper aka the Black Madonna, will be making her Edinburgh debut. One of the most in-demand DJs on the circuit, her sets are famed for their multi-genre mixing, grabbing the best of techno, house, electro, disco, funk and beyond. The real trick is that Stamper blends these seemingly random elements into one gorgeously fluid whole. Patrick was impressed from the very first time he saw Stamper DJing in at Berghain in Berlin. 'She had something extra about her: a positive energy, a connection with the crowd, that quick mixing between BPM and genre, but most importantly, absolutely pressure-cooker tracks from the first to the last.'

Bigfoot's and Sneaky's are tricking out the Biscuit Factory with their own lighting rig and sound system, installing a cocktail bar and laying on buses to and from Glasgow. 'We want to make sure there's a great atmosphere to enjoy what is nailed on to be some of the best DJ sets of the year,' says Patrick. 'Nd_Baumecker and Marea are two of our favourite DJs on their own, and when you put them together it is, soppy to say, complete fire. I couldn't think of two DJs who I'd rather were joining us for NYE in Edinburgh.'

The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Dec

The Black Madonna

House, disco and techno from the respected DJ aka Marea Stamper.

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