Beano Annual 2007

  • The List
  • 11 December 2006

(DC Thompson)


It’s pretty much business as usual in Beano-land, you’ll be glad to hear: we open at the ‘Softies Fashion and Fabric Show’ where Walter and a couple of equally flamboyant chums vie for the lead in The Naked Civil Servant. Inside, proto-riot grrrl Minnie the Minx destroys a topiary hedge; child conman Roger the Dodger fakes an alien invasion and gets in some practice for the career in politics which surely awaits him and there’s a great Bash Street Kids story featuring the terrifying Bash Street mums and dads.

It’s rather comforting to know that when we’re all dead and gone, when there are no more seasons, and the world’s coastal regions lie soggy under the waves, there will still be a Beano Annual and it will still look a lot like this.

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