Interview: James Yorkston on his Tae Sup wi' a Fifer

Preview: James Yorkston's Tae Sup wi' a Fifer

Steve Gullick

Christmas edition features King Creosote, Kadialy Kouyate and Laura Cannell

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Buddy the Elf sure knew what he was talking about. Taking a leaf out of his book is James Yorkston, who is presenting a festive edition of his folk club series Tae Sup wi' a Fifer.

Established just last year as a music and spoken word night at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy, Tae Sup wi' a Fifer has grown into a surefire stalwart on the folk scene, with lineups to gently knock your socks off. The Christmas special is no exception, featuring King Creosote, Kadialy Kouyate and Laura Cannell.

'I'm pleased Kenny (KC) is playing solo, it'll remind me of those early Fence shows,' says Yorkston. 'Kadialy is a great kora player and he also has a lovely, sweet voice, then there's Laura doing her beguiling drone fiddle and dual-recorder thing. I've never seen Laura, so that'll be a treat for me.'

A relaxed night of world-folk it is, then ('there's a bit of banter and such, but the music is key'), but Yorkston isn't going to let the Christmas theme slide that easily.

'I may do a Christmas song or two, Kenny probably will,' he says. 'Also, I shouldn't say, perhaps, but I did hear a rumour that Santa Claus himself was going to be in the audience, having a last night out before he gets on with the serious work.'

Result. That'll see us nicely into the new year, when Yorkston isn't planning to slow down much.

'There's six further Tae Sup wi' a Fifers, plus Domino Records are releasing the second Yorkston Thorne Khan album. Alongside that, I'd better be getting on with my next book. Plenty to keep me occupied, all in all.'

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy, Sat 3 Dec

James Yorkston's Tae Sup Wi' a Fifer

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