Danny Mac to wed Carley Stenson next year

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  • 9 November 2016
Danny Mac

Danny Mac

Danny Mac has revealed he is set to marry his fiancée Carley Stenson next summer and joked he will be getting her some dance training so their first dance would be perfect

Danny Mac is getting married next year.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' star has revealed he and his fiancée Carley Stenson have set a date for their wedding in late summer and quipped he'll be signing Carley up for dance lessons to make sure their first dance is perfect.

He said: "She's a stunner. She's far too good for me ... We're getting married next year ... There is a date; it's towards the end of the summer - it's going to be at home [in the UK] so everyone can be there. We haven't put all our invites out yet."

Asked if he's ready for their first dance, he said: "I hope so; I hope to have a little more confidence. Maybe we'll get her trained up."

And despite having a "pretty bad" memory, there is no chance of the 28-year-old actor forgetting when their big day is as Carly has set up Danny's phone so they have a joint calendar on it.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, he said: "My memory's pretty bad as well. I'm always listening!

"Carly's set up a group calendar on our phones so everything that we both have to go to is on there. The amount of times I forget to - I tell you what I probably can't remember the things I've forgot."

And Danny better be sure to save the date as he previously revealed he was asked to return to 'Hollyoaks', in which he played Mark 'Dodger' Savage for four years until 2015.

He explained: "I've not really watched the show since I left, so I don't know what's going on, or even if Dodger's still on the run. It was so nice that the writers didn't want to kill him off, because they had plenty of opportunity to do that! They always said that they'd have me back - that's a compliment."

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