Interview: Sean Lock – 'I'll talk about immigration which is always fun'

Comedy preview: Sean Lock

Noted curmudgeon on his favourite topics and why he regrets not going to university

Being grumpy can be good for business. In stand-up comedy, this can almost be a prerequisite for the job and, as Sean Lock acknowledges, his 'rehearsed moaning' has served him well. Now he's having a good old whinge at several subjects under the ironically titled umbrella of Keep it Light.

First up, he can't be doing with James Bond. 'I find the very notion of him so ridiculous,' complains Lock. 'This thought that one man can save the world is so childish; an inebriated nine-year-old would struggle to maintain plausibility in that idea. I'll talk about immigration which is always fun because it's an easy topic to get wrong. But I keep it light. I talk about isolation of the elderly in our society and how they can live out forgotten and anguished lives with barely even the flicker of recognition from their neighbours. But I'll be keeping that light.'

Contemporary dance, modern eyewear and his own bucket list will also get it in the neck. Having cultivated a critically acclaimed comedy career which has been reaping box office rewards for over a decade now, Lock always makes it look fairly effortless on stage. But, believe him, none of this comes especially easy.

'My major regret in life is not going to university, though not for the qualification I would have gained,' he states. 'People I know who went there have a working method where they sit down and get something done; they know how to start and get on with things. I will do anything to avoid getting on with stuff. I have one method and that's blind panic so I'll sit down in my kitchen and suddenly get on with it. Maybe I just imagine it's greener for other people.'

King's Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 25 Nov

Sean Lock: Keep it Light

The team captain of Channel 4's 8 Out of 10 Cats presents his latest live show.