Comedy preview: Trailer Park Boys Live

Comedy preview: Trailer Park Boys

A bit of festive mayhem from Sunnyvale's Trailer Park Boys

In recent years, Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys has built itself quite the cult reputation on these shores. Now, Sunnyvale Trailer Park's most infamous residents are set to descend on Glasgow for an evening of festive mayhem. In the charmingly titled Dear Santa Claus, Go F#ck Yourself tour, we find the terrible trio attempting to seek out fame, fortune and the real Father Christmas himself: to what ends, we shudder to think.

Trailer Park Boys follows the exploits and misadventures of petty criminals Julian, Ricky and Bubbles as they try to eke out a pitiful existence on the proceeds of minor crime through a fug of dope and cheap booze. Their plans are regularly thwarted by the local authorities and their nemesis, the park's alcoholic supervisor, Jim Lahey, along with his cheeseburger-worshipping lover, Randy.

Starting out as a feature film in 1999 before transitioning to TV two years later, Mike Clattenburg's bawdy comedy came to a natural end in 2008 with one-off special Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys. But popular comedies rarely stay dead and, as is the trend these days, it was brought back to life in 2014, courtesy of Netflix. The series is still going strong and about to enter its 11th season.

Unlike most mockumentary comedies, Trailer Park Boys not only acknowledges the presence of the film crew but regularly involves them in key plot points, resulting in some unwitting crew members being shot and tasered. So if you're of a nervous disposition then it's probably best to sit back from the front row.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Sat 10 Dec

Trailer Park Boys Live

The boys have left Sunnyvale Trailer Park and their taking their drunken antics on the road. Popular Canadian character comedy.