Courtney Love's fraud claim

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  • 23 May 2008

Courtney Love's fraud claim

Courtney Love claims her lawyer and accountant have taken her money fraudulently.

The former Hole singer - widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - also asked fans for help finding a new legal representative in a message posted on social networking site

The star's misspelled blog entry reads: "Due to a lawyer without power of attorney illegally signing $2.2 million in cheques when I was in the UK, everything he signed was 85 per cent fraud. Then, out of spite, his friend overpaid my taxes by about 400 per cent."

Courtney says she believed her lawyer was acting illegally, adding: "So next time the NYC Attorney General calls, I'm happy to speak to him myself. As I understand it he was dismissed by my former lawyer.

"I don't get that guy's motivation, forcing me to sign tax returns I knew were illegal or pay down 'diversions' that are exactly the same amount as a business manager's phoney corporation. Why? Why take an already complicated situation and f**k it up even worse? To break me? Because I'm worth nothing more than Kurt's publishing? Which they'll get over my dead body.

"No lawyer on this earth will agree that your criminal lawyer is by law allowed to write your contracts which include him wetting his beak at 175k for every deal you make! Toxic man.

"My police report for $2.4 million is filed and public now."

The entry closed with a plea to fans for help, as Courtney asked: "Is anyone's daddy a fraud lawyer? Forensic? A great Washington lawyer simple and plain and a winner?" following a tirade of allegations of fraud against her lawyer and accountant.

She added: "I am the champ, by the way, my FBI guy said in 28 years in law enforcement he's never seen personal embezzlement or even embezzlement at this level, ever."

Courtney claimed in March she was a victim of identity fraud, but police were said to be sceptical about her allegations.

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