John Nettles: I'm 'deeply jealous' of Aidan Turner

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  • 7 November 2016
Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

John Nettles has quipped he is "deeply, deeply jealous" of his 'Poldark' co-stars Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson because they are so "beautiful"

John Nettles is "deeply, deeply jealous" of Aidan Turner.

The 73-year-old actor quipped he is envious of his 'Poldark' co-stars Aidan and Eleanor Tomlinson, who play Ross and Demelza Poldark respectively, for looking so "beautiful".

He said: "I polished my pecs dutifully in preparation for the show, they weren't needed. I'm deeply, deeply jealous of Aidan, but he's as lovely off camera as he is on camera. He wears it well, he bloody well does.

"And Demelza [Eleanor Tomlinson] is gobsmackingly beautiful. I don't like playing scenes with people like that, the audience isn't going to look at me at all."

And the 'Midsomer Murders' star is rooting for Aidan to become the next James Bond.

Speaking about the rumours, he added to The Telegraph newspaper: "I would think he stands a good chance, a very good chance.

"I hope he does because he has style and grace in his acting and I think the Bond franchise needs that in spades. We've had the violence. We've had all these amazing fight sequences, now we need a bit of class."

Meanwhile, Aidan previously insisted he isn't worried about being objectified on the BBC One show.

He explained: "I don't feel objectified, it's funny! It's just a couple of people admiring your body. It's like doing any other scene. It's the same as me galloping on a horse on a beach.

"I have always felt these semi-naked scenes, or 'Ross with his top off', work. If he is down the mine, he is hammering away so it wouldn't make sense with a shirt on. It would look odd. In those days as well! The reaction is out of my hands. It's hilarious, is what it is. It's hard for me because it makes sense for the story so after that my job is done."

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