Theatre preview: Secret Show

Theatre preview: Secret Show

Blood of the Young promise a radical staging of a mystery classic script

Blood of the Young, an emerging Glasgow-based theatre company directed by Paul Brotherston, are promising audiences 11 performers in the Tron's restaurant, live music and a radical staging of a classic script. They aren't, however, revealing the play in question.

'The secrecy element is fun as it means the audience comes to the performance with no idea what to expect,' explains Brotherston. 'And in turn, we are totally free to have fun and throw caution to the wind. The audience aren't buying the show; they're coming along to see what happens.'

Brotherston recently demonstrated his taut directing skills in a terse production of Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, and the company includes musicians as well as theatre-makers, inspiring an anarchic and playful attitude. 'We want to have fun,' says Brotherston. 'Really, that is the main thing. Nothing about our chosen text is sacred so I want some silliness and some invention.'

With a limited capacity, and an audience which has permission to 'keep their phones on, make a noise, have a drink and feel involved', Secret Show deliberately flouts the conventions of theatre to capture a vibrant atmosphere. 'I hope it all feels alive,' Brotherston concludes. 'it should all feel relaxed and fun!'

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 8–Fri 11 Nov

Secret Show 1

Anarchic and new take on a classic play, but the title is a secret.

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