Manipulate celebrates its tenth year


credit: Bettina Frenzel

Scotland's world-class visual theatre and animation festival

Now celebrating its tenth birthday, manipulate has become the flagship festival of Puppet Animation Scotland (PAS) and continues to champion the complexity, range and imagination of visual theatre. Perhaps due to the flexibility of the genre – dance, physical theatre and puppetry are all included – manipulate simultaneously offers one of the most diverse programmes in Scotland and an intelligent, tight curation, courtesy of artistic director Simon Hart.

Manipulate has always balanced visiting international theatre companies with a dynamic support for Scottish artists, ensuring that Scottish audiences are kept abreast of the latest developments around the world and recognising the growth of local talent. Edinburgh favourites Tortoise in a Nutshell are presenting a new work, Fisk, which grapples with depression – with the help of a dangerous giant fish. Their most ambitious piece to date, Fisk emerges from the company's long-term relationship with PAS, who have supported them from the earliest stages of their work.

House in Asia, on the other hand, represents the international strand: Agrupación Señor Serrano play with reality and film, puppetry and pop culture, to examine the aftermath of 9/11. With the ambition of the story matched by the scale of the staging, House in Asia promises a masterclass in visual intensity.

The success of manipulate bodes well for the health of Scottish visual theatre: the mixture of work not only supports Scottish artists but encourages them to emulate outstanding artists from around the globe.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Jan–Sat 4 Feb. Full programme announced Tue 2 Nov.

Manipulate Festival

Puppet Animation Scotland collates a collection of world-class animation, puppetry and related performing arts of all styles and techniques from a range of international artists and companies. The 2020 event features late-night music events, café-cabarets, workshops and more.

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