J.K. Simmons won't do a biopic

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  • 3 November 2016
J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons admitted his least favourite movie genre is the biopic and he hates watching trailers

J.K. Simmons won't star in a biopic.

The Oscar-winning actor's 'Whiplash' co-star Miles Teller is set to play legendary boxer Vinny Pas in 'Bleed for This' and though he's delighted his pal nabbed the role and thinks the movie is "brilliant" he has "never liked" the genre and wouldn't want to play a real person himself.

Speaking about Teller's casting in the forthcoming Ben Younger directed movie and being inspired to box, he said: "I'm so glad Miles finally hot his lazy ass into shape. That film is brilliant, but I've never liked the biopic as a genre. It's always, 'Sure, you're good, but you're not as great as the real guy.' I would like to do a boxing movie, though. I just made a film with director Peter Berg called 'Patriots Day' - Peter told me about his boxing training in Boston so I went over to Southie (south Boston) and started boxing training. I'm not getting hit in the face, I'm just working the bags and getting a real good sweat going."

Meanwhile, Simmons confessed he hates trailers and rarely watches the multi-million dollar promos that are made to get audiences hyped before the full release of a movie because they mislead the audience and he prefers word-of-mouth for film recommendations.

The 61-year-old actor told Shortlist: "I don't like people to know too much about a film or what to expect before they go into the cinema. I hate trailers. I don't want to watch a two-minute video of all of the funny bits in a film that turns out to be nothing like the trailer. If people as me what a film is about, I'll say, 'It's good, watch it.' If it's bad, I'll be honest and tell them that, too."

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