Warpaint album inspired by David Bowie's death

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  • 2 November 2016


Warpaint have revealed their latest record 'Heads Up' was influenced by the late music legend David Bowie and the news of his passing "set the tone" for the record

Warpaint's latest album was inspired by the death of David Bowie.

The indie-rock band - comprised of Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg Stella Mozgawa - went straight into the studio the day after the late 'Starman' hitmaker died from cancer (January 10) and the music legend "set the tone" for their record 'Heads Up'.

Singer Emily told Julie Adenuga on her Beats 1 radio show: "David Bowie had died the day before, and we went into the studio and listened to David Bowie and built our studio out of our practice space.

"We took our practice space and started making it something to record in. It was a great way to enter the studio because it was such a celebration of somebody who was so prolific and such an ever-changing artist. I think that set the tone for what became 'Heads Up'."

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles-based rock outfit recently admitted their democratic approach to making music caused tension in the band and the lack of a clear frontwoman drew them together.

Bassist Jenny previously explained: "When we first started playing, that was what we were drawn to, there wasn't any one person dictating.

"It's definitely a slow process but it made our sound more original."

However, the quartet admit it can be a struggle having their opinions heard.

Theresa, 36, added: "Warpaint does have to be all of us. Sometimes you have to fight to be heard - but it's worth the fight because you're going to spend the next year-and-a-half playing these songs.

"I want to feel like I'm 100 per cent behind what I'm doing; I didn't sign up to be in someone else's band."

Equality within the band has led to tensions in the past, but the 'Love is to Die' hitmakers have come to terms with such frictions.

Jenny said: "Eventually, you get tired of fighting. You realise not everybody's going to love everything. Those two people really love it, I love them, lets validate them. Unless someone really doesn't like it ..."

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