The Hot 100 2016: The Not 100

Five things that have actively subtracted from popular culture in 2016

The Hot 100 2016: The Not 100

Our Hot 100 honours those who contributed great things to Scottish culture in the past 12 months. Niki Boyle notes that the following people, well … they assuredly did not.

Donald Trump

Flew in on the same day that Brexit was announced with this tweet: 'Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back.' Honestly, can you just … honestly!

Balgonie Castle

The historic Fife property and popular wedding venue embraced notoriety in April after a Facebook post telling critics to 'get fucked'. Then again in September when it called the SNP 'a poor political joke' and their supporters 'sheep'. Oh, and then again when it greeted a social media user with this gem: 'Looking at your profile picture son, your mother threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth.' Stay classy, Balgonie.

Donald Trump

Forgot to mention above that Trump's golf courses in Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire have reportedly netted him a £26m loss on these shores. Which means he gets to skip out on corporation tax here. He may or may not argue that this makes him 'smart'.

James MacMillan

The, erm, 'provocative' composer wrote a scathing Spectator column in August, describing the Scottish cultural scene as 'vile, venal and parochial'. The piece was illustrated by an image of the Edinburgh International Festival, the middle word of which rather undermines MacMillan's perspective.

Donald Trump

Oh, come on, let's have all of it: the mocking of a disabled journalist, the Islamophobic rhetoric, the threats to jail Hillary Clinton, the accusations of her drug-taking, the avalanche of sexual abuse allegations. Please, America: just say no.


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