Billie Faiers: Marriage is 'old fashioned'

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  • 1 November 2016
Billie Faiers

Billie Faiers

Billie Faiers believes marriage is "old fashioned", although the blonde beauty has admitted she plans to marry her fiancé Greg shepherd in 2018

Billie Faiers thinks marriage is "old fashioned".

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star believes the idea of tying the knot before starting a family is a backwards sentiment and is convinced starting a family is far more important than walking down the aisle and exchanging vows.

Speaking to the MailOnline, the blonde beauty said: "I know some girls are desperate to get married and want to get married before they have children, but I feel it's so old fashioned. In this day and age, getting married is lovely but I just think it isn't more important than having children. I think if you're not married and you have a kid it goes to the back of your mind a little bit."

However, the 26-year-old beauty has revealed she and her partner Greg Shepherd- who proposed to Billie whilst on holiday in the Maldives in February 2014 - plan to get hitched abroad in 2018, because the pair have "lots" of friends and family and would rather have an intimate ceremony instead of a big bash at home.

She explained: "We're aiming for 2018. We want to do it abroad and we have some locations in mind but we need to just do it rather than be indecisive. We want to do it abroad because we want to narrow our numbers down."

The couple - who already have two-year-old daughter Nelly together - were hoping to get hitched next year but were forced to postpone it after Billie fell pregnant with their second child, although she doesn't mind because her children are her "priority."

She said: "I'm not worried at all. I have a really busy year so I hope that will give me motivation. The baby's priority. I'm hoping to stay active throughout my pregnancy.

"People say prepare yourself for two and that it's so much harder, but it's going to be worth every second. I'm quite organised so it will make it less stressful."

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