5 After Midnight's Kieran Alleyne received baby news at airport

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  • 1 November 2016

5 After Midnight

5 After Midnight's Kieran Alleyne was told his girlfriend was expecting their first child at the airport on the way to Ibiza for the Judges Houses round of 'The X Factor'

5 After Midnight's Kieran Alleyne found out he was to be a father hours before flying out to Ibiza for the Judges Houses' stage of 'The X Factor'.

The 21-year-old finalist - who is competing on the ITV talent show with his band mates Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee - was thrilled when he found out his girlfriend Sophie, whom he's been dating for 11 months, was pregnant with their first child.

He said: "I found out Sophie was pregnant just as we were flying to Judges' Houses

"She got pregnant after the Six-Chair Challenge and I found out at the airport, just as we were walking to the plane to go to Ibiza."

And despite the fact he will be away from his partner and their unborn tot a lot now that he's focused on his music, Kieran plans to take them on tour with the group.

Asked if he was worried about not being with them should the trio win the show, he told OK! Magazine: "No. Sophie will be on tour with me. But the baby will come after the 'X Factor' tour. It's only if we go on tour after that one.

"Baby is going to be backstage, definitely - baby's first rave!"

Kieran's band mates Nathan and Jordan think Kieran is going to be a great parent and the news has inspired them to want to win the show even more.

Nathan said: "It gives Jordan and me another reason to push even harder.

"We want all of us to be successful solely for that reason. We're proud uncles."

And it's not just his band mates who are excited about the impending arrival as 5 After Midnight's mentor Louis Walsh has also been really supportive.

Asked if the 64-year-old music manager was surprised when he told him the news, Kieran said: "Obviously he was surprised but he wasn't shocked, like, this is terrible.

"He was like, this is amazing, congratulations! He was really supportive."

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