Scotty T is taking 'break' from Geordie Shore

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  • 1 November 2016
Scotty T

Scotty T

Scotty T has decided to take a short break from 'Geordie Shore' while he prepares for his role in panto

Scotty T is taking a "break" from 'Geordie Shore'.

The 28-year-old reality TV star - who has appeared on the boozy MTV programme since 2012 - won't join the rest of the cast for the start of filming for the new series as he needs to focus on his pantomime gig instead of going "too wild" on screen.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "The thing is, I might be taking a break. Whenever I go on 'Geordie Shore', I go too wild - I just need to calm down. And obviously the filming dates clash with [my] pantomime [in Leeds], so that could be a big thing."

It was recently claimed the womanising hunk had been dropped from the series because of his outrageous behaviour but, although producers have told him off in the past for his risque antiques, Scotty is adamant he's never been told he'd be given the boot.

He explained with a laugh: "That was only in series five [that he got told off by producers] because I was a newbie on 'Geordie Shore' and I literally went berserk and I was waving me willy in some girl's face in the jacuzzi. That was just ridiculous."

However, although he's got no plans to walk away from the programme as of yet, Scotty - whose real name is Scott Timlin - has admitted he's thought about quitting numerous times since he struck up a relationship with Francesca Toole.

He said: "It's hard - I've found a girl I love but I can't get with her because I'm always away. I've got to go and film 'Geordie Shore', I've got to go and do pantomime, I've got to go and get my willy out for 'Dreamboys'! I've got to do things left, right and centre. The situation is we are seeing each other but there's a big barrier in the middle. I found a girl who I love, but because of the show, it's so hard because it's not the same."

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