Emma Willis spends hours editing photos

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  • 31 October 2016
Emma Willis

Emma Willis

Emma Willis has admitted she wastes vital hour son holiday editing her photographs rather than enjoying her time away

Emma Willis spends hours editing her holiday photographs.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' host agreed to take part in the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card Golden Hour project as global Instagrammer Jiri Siftar taught her how to capture the perfect shot while abroad after she realised that she spends too much time tinkering around with her photos rather than enjoying the trip away.

She explained: "With a busy work schedule, family holiday time is so precious. I love to take pictures when away to send home or to share on social media but I often find myself taking a while playing around with the editing tools to finesse them.

"Working with these Instagrammers as part of the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card Golden Hour project has taught me that if you use the right natural lighting and make the most of Golden Hour, taking a beautiful picture can take seconds - meaning I can spend more time enjoying each holiday moment with my family."

The 40-year-old beauty learnt that using the natural light of golden hour - the time just after sunrise and just before sunset - will mean she will spend seconds taking a photo rather than messing around on editing apps to ensure its aesthetically pleasing.

New research carried out by American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card has revealed that seven in 10 Brits meticulously edit their holiday photos - changing colours, adding filters, adjusting brightness and warmth of light - before sharing them on social media or printing them.

The statistics show that the average holidaymaker takes around 84 photographs while on a one-week holiday, meaning that they spend on average 36 minutes glued to the small screen to create the most shareable holiday shots.

In an effort to help reclaim some of this holiday time, American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card teamed up with eleven Instagram photographers from six continents to create Amex Golden Hour - an online hub designed to help holidaymakers get the most out of their holiday photos and enjoy golden sun-drenched scenes from around the globe.

Jiri added: "Photography is my passion and I am always looking for that magical moment to capture; golden hour is one of my favourite times to take that special shot; whether looking out over a stunning landscape or cityscape drenched in light."

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