The 2016 Hot 100 in association with Caledonian Brewery

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

Dundee Rep Theatre, Bloody Scotland, Scott Gibson, Bossy Love and Greg McHugh among our favourite cultural contributors this year

Discussions have been had, arguments made and counsels taken. But now the talking is over (or perhaps just beginning) as we commence the countdown to reveal who is the hottest of the hot among this year's Scottish cultural community.

30 Dundee Rep Theatre

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil / credit: Ga-Ken Wan

After a stellar first run last year, Dundee rep took its barnstorming revival of The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil on tour this year. The Rep is also the home of Scottish Dance Theatre, who turned 30 years old this year. (LI)

29 Edinburgh Food Studio

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

credit: Angus Behm

This 'restaurant and food research hub' aims to keep food interesting. It certainly does that, with events in 2016 such as Three Simmer, combining seven courses with poetry, and The Plagiarism Dinners, which merged eating with theatrics (exploding cake, anyone?) (RM)

28 Freight Books

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

Freight Books had a spectacular year of releases, among them Lara Williams' Treats and Dorothy Alexander's The Mauricewood Devils. Plus, they were big players in XpoNorth's Twitter-based pitching event, encouraging and fostering new Scottish literary talent. (KS)

27 Bloody Scotland

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

Val McDermid / credit: Eoin Carey

Tartan Noir is having a bit of a moment right now, and Bloody Scotland is at its forefront. 2016's programme featured crime-writing heavyweights such as Mark Billingham, MC Beaton and Nicci French. The festival also launched the inaugural William McIlvanney prize, which was won by Chris Brookmyre. (RM)

26 Scott Gibson

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

credit: Jo Donaldson

Alongside Richard Gadd, Glasgow's Scott Gibson completed a double Scottish victory at this year's Edinburgh Comedy Awards for the very first time ever. His Best Newcomer-winning Life After Death was a few-holds barred, gag-heavy trip into some awkward medical experiences. (BD)

25 Colm McCarthy

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

The Girl with All the Gifts
Following a string of directorial TV credits including Sherlock, Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders, Colm McCarthy delivered The Girl with All the Gifts, which our reviewer called 'a visceral and surprising sci-fi horror'. Next up it's Krypton, a Syfy series set on Superman's home planet. (NB)

24 Dive

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

The LGBT+ collective had a successful Fringe with the likes of Christeene, David Mills and Desiree Burch gracing their stage. Add to this the regular club nights, collaborations with like-minded peeps, and involvement in Luminate, and that's a good year for the Dive fam. (KS)

23 Bossy Love

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

They have a two-year track record behind them, but this was the moment that Amandah Wilkinson and John Baillie Jr (formerly of Operator Please and Dananananaykroyd, respectively) consolidated their mighty live reputation with shows at Glastonbury and across the UK. (DP)

22 Glasgow International

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

Courtesy of the artist and Petzel, New York

The seventh instalment of the biannual visual art festival – and second under director Sarah McCrory – featured 78 exhibitions and 50 events, bringing in artists including Monika Sosnowska, Akram Zaatari, Cosima von Bonin and Emily Mae Smith, and utilised inventive new spaces such as Kelvin Hall and the RollerStop rink. (DP)

21 Greg McHugh

The Hot 100 2016: 30–21

Greg McHugh as Gary: Tank Commander

In the guise of alter-ego Gary: Tank Commander, Greg McHugh brought some much-needed levity to the May election and expertly teased out a surprising amount of humour from the Scottish party leaders. Three nights at the Hydro in October confirmed that his character is still fit for duty. (MR)

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