The 2016 Hot 100 in association with Caledonian Brewery

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

Rachel Maclean, Young Fathers, Barrowland Ballet and Kieran Hurley among our favourite cultural contributors this year

Discussions have been had, arguments made and counsels taken. But now the talking is over (or perhaps just beginning) as we commence the countdown to reveal who is the hottest of the hot among this year's Scottish cultural community.

90 Neil Slorance

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

Illustrator and comic artist Neil Slorance has spent the year doing what he does best: gracing the country's comic cons and live drawing along to TV shows, while in August he released Modern Slorance, an autobiographical collection of short comic strips. (KS)

89 Rachel Maclean

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

credit: Craig Gibson
The Edinburgh-educated, Glasgow-based creator of immersive, digitalised characters and landscapes exhibited at British Art Show 8 in Edinburgh, but the big news was her announcement as Scotland's representative at the 2017 Venice Biennale, with a new video work co-commissioned by Talbot Rice Gallery. (DP)

88 Edinburgh Beer Factory

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

credit: Daniel Smith
This family-owned craft brewery opened to the public just last year, giving Edinburgh a totally fresh brewing concept. Their Paolozzi beer won Silver for Best Lager at the Scottish Beer Awards 2016 and for every bottle sold they pay a charitable donation to the Paolozzi Foundation. (LS)

87 Young Fathers

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

The genre-smashing Edinburgh trio didn't keep up their annual formula of releasing albums and winning awards, but playing tour support for Massive Attack (including at Hyde Park's British Summer Time festival) placed them alongside their perfect mentors. The Edinburgh International Festival also booked them. (DP)

86 Barrowland Ballet

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

Little Red / credit: Ian Watson
Choreographer Natasha Gilmore excelled herself this year with three diverse shows touring both at home and abroad to great acclaim. She proved equally popular with children (Poggle and the 5-star Little Red) and adults (the thought-provoking yet joyful Whiteout). (KA)

85 Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

credit: Chris Scott
Scotland's favourite son re-cemented his place in our hearts after the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, a series of 55 sculptures (at 5ft each) designed by local artists, was scattered throughout Dundee. They were subsequently auctioned off, raising almost £900,000 for local charities. (KS)

84 Yorkston Thorne Khan

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

credit: Linda Jackson
The new project from revered Fife indie-folk singer and Fence stalwart James Yorkston was a unique one, an equal marriage of styles with Indian sarangi player Suhail Yusuf Khan and jazz double-bassist Jon Thorne on the Domino-released album Everything Sacred. (DP)

83 FREAK Circus

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

Vicki Jarret / credit: Scott Carrol
A magazine packed with brilliant writing and eye-catching illustrations, FREAK Circus features stories with a twist, having focused on themes like 'Broken Hearts' and 'Shame' in previous issues. They also put on cracking spoken-word events with emerging poets and musicians regularly on the bill. (AQ)

82 Kieran Hurley

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

credit: Jassy Earl
Kieran Hurley's Fringe First-winning Heads Up revived the DIY energy of his earlier work, reaffirming his status as a passionate, politically engaged monologuist who weaves social commentary into a direct counterblast to disempowered despair. (GKV)

81 Adura Onashile

The Hot 100 2016: 90–81

Expensive Shit
Playwright, actor and dancer Adura Onashile has triumphed with her debut play HeLa, which she wrote and starred in, while more recently, a directorial debut with Expensive Shit earned her a Fringe First Award this August. Creating politically charged and provocative work, Onashile is proving that she simply cannot be ignored. (LI)

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