Davina McCall won't compete on The Jump

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  • 30 October 2016
Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Davina McCall is adamant she'd never take part in the physical aspect of 'The Jump' because it's too dangerous

Davina McCall would never compete on 'The Jump'.

The 49-year-old presenter is set to host a fourth series of the celebrity winter sports contest - which has seen a number of famous contestants suffer serious injuries - next year but admitted that during filming she's not allowed to try any of the challenges.

Asked if she'd try the show, she said: "No way! They won't let me ski - they won't let me do anything. The only activity I'm allowed to do when I'm filming is snowshoeing, where you put tennis rackets on your feet and just walk."

If she could ever find the time, the 'This Time Next Year' host - who has children Holly, 15, Tilly, 13, and Chester, 10, with husband Matthew Robertson - would love to take part on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

She told Closer magazine: "I'd quite like to do 'Strictly Come Dancing' but it's too time-consuming.

"And I wouldn't do 'Celebrity Big Brother' - it's too hard. It's a tough environment and I feel for them."

Davina's new show, 'This Time Next Year' - which sees people make a pledge they have to see through in a year - was filmed over 12 months and she needed to go on a crash diet before filming the 'after' coverage.

She said: "The summer of 2016 was a summer of excess and before we filmed the second part I was five pounds heavier.

"I was having soup for dinner for five years to try to lose a couple of pounds before I got the same dress on."

And after keeping her look the same during filming, Davina is ready for a radical transformation.

She said: "The day we finish filming I am going to get a radical haircut - maybe a short and shaggy bob.

"It's been the same length for around seven years and I'm desperate for a change. My granny will be pleased - she doesn't think anybody over 30 should have long hair."

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