Oasis under too much pressure to reform

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  • 30 October 2016
Mat Whitecross at Supersonic screening in London

Mat Whitecross

'Supersonic' director Mat Whitecross has said that Oasis will not reform as long as there's "pressure" on them to do so

Oasis won't reform whilst there's still "pressure" on them.

Mat Whitecross - who directed the recently released documentary on the band called 'Supersonic' - has said that he still believes the rock heavyweights will reunite at some point, but not when they feel forced to do so.

The band - primarily consisting of feuding brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher - split after a row between the pair in 2009, and fans have been petitioning for a reunion ever since.

Speaking to Billboard, Mat said of the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' musicians: "The tricky thing is, the more people put pressure on them, the less likely it is to happen.

"But the way Noel talks about the fans at the end of the film is something he comes back to again and again. He's very generous about their contribution, and I think he would do it for [the fans]. Noel has never said no, but he makes jokes about it. Liam says, 'Come on, let's get back on the road!' He's keen to do it."

And Mat also states that the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers have no need to reform the band as they're both financially well off, and hopes they'll decide to come back "for the right reasons".

He added: "The reason it hasn't happened earlier is they're in a position of luxury. They're both rich men. They don't have to be chasing the opportunity to try and get back together. So hopefully if they do come back, it'll be for the right reasons, and because they both want to do it."

The news comes after the 39-year-old director made similar comments about a reunion, pointing out the Noel, 49, never actually says no to getting the band back together.

He said previously: "Noel doesn't say no. Whenever anyone asks him, which is probably every day, he doesn't say no. He makes a joke and says it'll have to be a filthy amount of money, or it'd have to be this or that, or get a mute button for Liam or something. But I feel like it'll happen."

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