Rebecca Ferguson to star in The Lady and the Panda

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  • 29 October 2016
Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is set to star as the real-life explorer Ruth Harkness in new historical adventure 'The Lady and the Panda'

Rebecca Ferguson is set to to star in 'The Lady and the Panda'.

The 33-year-old actress will take on the role of the real-life groundbreaking explorer Ruth Harkness in the historical adventure, directed by Justin Chadwick.

'The Lady and the Panda' follows Ruth, a 1930s New York socialite who unexpectedly takes over her husband's expedition when he passes away, and subsequently becomes the first person ever to bring a live panda outside of China and to the world's attention. She completed her mission with the help of Chinese guide Quentin Young, and the two travelled down the Yangtze River and deep into the Himalayas in order to rescue an orphaned baby panda. The movie then documents how Ruth realises that these animals are best kept preserved in their natural habitat, after creating a nationwide sensation in the US.

At present, the role of Quentin Young - as well as any other potential cast members - remains unannounced.

Ruth's original detailed correspondence formed the basis of the script written by Laura Bickford and Holly Gent Palmo.

Laura is also picking up a producing credit for the project, which comes as a co-production between teams in the UK and China. Michelle Qi from Europe China Picture Group is also lending a hand as a producer.

Executive producers come in the form of Joe Simpson of Miscellaneous Entertainment, Andrew Mann, Fiona Druckenmiller, Justin Brodle, and Christopher Brough from Pandamotion Picture Company.

The project will start shooting next month, with filming taking place in the Sichuan region of the Himalayas in China.

As of yet, the movie has no set release date.

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