Ryan Adams sorely 'misses' Oasis

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  • 28 October 2016
Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams has hit out at the current "boring" generation of rock musicians and how much he misses Oasis

Ryan Adams sorely "misses" Oasis.

The 41-year-old rocker - who famously covered the Britpop legends' smash hit 'Wonderwall' - has slammed the current generation of musicians and says all that is left are "a bunch of cargo dad pants bands" with "bull**** lyrics" that lack the "danger" that Oasis - including bitter rivals and brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher - were famous for.

In a rant of Instagram, he wrote: "I miss this band. They f***ing mattered. Sigh it's now a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands with soulless, bull**** lyrics and about the level of danger you might feel if you mixed hot fries with ginger ale. F*** that (sic)."

The 'Lucky Now' hitmaker also pleaded with his Twitter followers to go and see Oasis' new documentary 'Supersonic', which sees Noel and Liam Gallagher revisit the band's beginnings in Manchester and journey to their mammoth open-air concerts at Knebworth in 1996 which were attended by 250,000 fans, because of the lack of quality rock 'n' roll bands around.

He wrote: "Go see the @oasis movie if you need something to remind you what the fuck rocknroll means.

Or why trouble matters.

Or what fun is (sic)"

Ryan continued to bash the "boring" musicians of today whilst hailing Oasis "roughhouse giants".

He added: "How boring has music become since these roughhouse giants came crawling from nowhere places with their guitars Their souls afire... Sigh (sic)"

The 'Oh My Sweet Carolina' singer's thoughts echo those of Liam Gallagher, who recently announced his solo comeback.

The 'Some Might Say' hitmaker - who has had a break from music since the dissolution of Beady Eye in 2014 - thinks his presence has been missed in the music world because he is so much better than his peers.

He previously said: "It's f***ing s**t. It's boring without me, isn't it? On my game I will roast anyone. Anyone. Whether it's interviews, photoshoots, on record or on that f**king stage. And there are a lot of people getting away with murder on that stage from my generation."

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