Chris Tarrant: Having a stroke has made me relax

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  • 28 October 2016
Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant has admitted his life has slowed down since he had a stroke in March 2014 and he's been trying to relax more with his family

Chris Tarrant now spends more time with his family since he had a stroke.

The former 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' host was 39,000 ft in the air and flying from Bangkok to London in March 2014 when he had a mini stroke.

When he landed in the UK capital, Chris was treated at London's Charring Cross Hospital and he underwent emergency treatment to remove a blood clot from his right leg.

Now back to full health, the 70-year-old presenter admits the frightening experience has given him a new perspective on life and he now works less in order to be with his loved ones; his partner Jane Bird and his children, Helen, 38, and Jennifer, 35, from his 11-year marriage to Sheila, Sammy, 28, and Toby, 24, from his 16-year marriage to Ingrid, and Dexter, 35, and Fia, 31, Ingrid's children from a previous relationship.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "The stroke gave me a real scare, but I'm fit as a fiddle now. I'm very lucky that I'm a great survivor, I'm tough. I used to work like a dog for years but I don't work as nearly as hard as I used to. Now I just think 'sod that'. I turn a lot of stuff down and spend more time travelling with my missus and my kids, going on holiday."

Chris spent his life in radio studios and on television and he now tries to get out in the open as much as possible to enjoy the natural world.

He said: "They [medics] were brilliant. I'm always aware that if I hadn't gone, I could be in a wheelchair. I've got a big rambling estate in Berkshire so I walk around the hills as I can't stand the gym. I think I'm mentally fit, too.

"I spent years of my life locked in the studio in the dark, so for me getting out and about is amazing."

Although he's now taking a back seat when it comes to work, he's got a few exciting projects in the pipeline, including a Christmas special of his Channel 5 series 'Extreme Railways'.

He added: "I'm doing a Christmas special on 'Extreme Railways', spending Christmas here then going on safari. Then I spend four weeks in the Caribbean."

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