Stephanie Davis craves milk

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  • 26 October 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has been guzzling milk a lot more than usual recently

Stephanie Davis has been craving milk.

The 23-year-old actress is just three months away from meeting her baby boy but she has admitted the pregnancy symptoms are yet to subside and she can't stop guzzling the dairy liquid and stuffing her face with as much greasy grubs as possible.

Writing in her column for OK! Online, she said: "The baby is doing really well too. I can tell he's growing lots this week because I've not been able to stop eating - I'm hungry all the time! No joke, I had a cheese and ham sandwich, a roast dinner, four yogurts and large bag of pretzels the other night! I'm also craving milk. Can't get enough of it! I've read up on it and it's at this stage when he starts getting all of his strength and has a growth spurt so I'm definitely feeling that. I'm getting so tired too. I know I have a lot to do but I'm now in my third trimester so I need to get as much rest as I can."

The former 'Hollyoaks' star hasn't had the easiest pregnancy so far as she also battled with acute morning sickness in the first and second trimester and was hospitalised for excruciating pain in her stomach, which doctors initially feared was early labour.

She said at the time: "I ended up going to hospital. My mum was going to call an ambulance. They checked me out and they actually thought I was in early labour because I was having what they thought was early contractions. I was on the gas and air. Gas and air was really weird, I didn't know what was going on."

And it's not just cravings and sickness Stephanie - who is due to give birth early next year - has been dealing with as she's also noticed her boobs have drooped.

She said: "I've started getting stretch marks on my boobs which are fine because that's proof of my beautiful pregnancy, but I am starting to worry about how big they're getting! It didn't bother me at first because I was like 'woo! look at my mangos!' as I've always wanted big boobs but now, I need them to stop growing! I'm going to need a personal boob carrier at this rate.

"They're killing me too because they're so big - I can't even see my tattoos anymore. I'm worried in a few weeks they'll be touching my belly button ..."

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