Elliot Wright and Sadie Stuart planning two weddings

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  • 25 October 2016
Elliot Wright

Elliot Wright

Elliot Wright and Sadie Stuart are planning two weddings; one in Spain and one in the UK

Elliot Wright and Sadie Stuart are planning two weddings.

The couple - who got engaged in June after 10 months of dating - are set to wed in a romantic ceremony in the UK next year, with a lavish reception, before flying to Marbella for a party at his restaurant Olivia's.

Sadie told OK! magazine: "I want to get married in England so all my family can come."

Former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Elliot added: "So we're now looking into both. She's taking liberties - she wants an expensive wedding in the UK and then a big wedding party at Olivia's in Spain! I don't know what we'll do!"

Elliot already has two children, Elliot, 10 and Olivia, seven, from a previous relationship and the couple are keen to have more children together soon.

Sadie said: "I would have six kids, but as Elliott's got two already I would happily settle on four! Everyone in my family has more than four kids."

Elliot said: "We'll have one and see how it goes. Basically, I'll be 60 with a walking stick by the time Sadie has had enough kids."

Meanwhile, Elliot recently admitted his 'TOWIE' co-stars won't be getting a wedding invitation.

He said: "I keep in touch with the 'TOWIE' lot to a certain degree but I wouldn't say I'm close, I live in Spain now.

"They've got their own careers to get on.

"I'm not ruling out inviting them to the wedding but at the same time I'm not sure who's on the list at the moment, so I can't say."

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