Olivia Bentley gifted a candle with '50 hours worth of burning time' from Francis Boulle

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  • 25 October 2016
Olivia Bentley

Olivia Bentley

Olivia Bentley was gifted a candle with "50 hours worth of burning time" from Francis Boulle, as well as a landscape portrait he painted, which he presented to her on the show last week

Olivia Bentley was gifted a candle with "50 hours worth of burning time" from Francis Boulle.

The blonde beauty - who is also known as Liv on the E4 show - embarked on a romance with her flame-haired co-star during 'Made In Chelsea: South of France', and on Francis' surprise comeback, which was aired on the popular E4 show last week, he gave Olivia a long-lasting candle for her birthday, as well as the landscape portrait.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the shower of gifts she received from her on/off boyfriend, the photographer said: "A candle which he pointed out had 50 hours of burning time and I was like amazing for the bath. He painted me a picture of a landscape."

And Olivia has admitted she was in utter shock when the flame-haired lothario returned to 'Made In Chelsea' for her birthday that she dropped her glass on the floor.

Speaking about the moment Francis made his return after the pair went their separate ways following the show last season, which saw Francis depart for Africa, she said: "So he came back and surprised me, which is nice. For my birthday I think I actually dropped my glass I was so shocked."

However, both Francis and Olivia are unsure how long their romance will last as the hunk doesn't know how long he will stay in London for.

She explained: "Nobody's really sure, he's not really sure I think."

Meanwhile, Olivia - who joined the programme earlier this year in season 11 - has revealed she thinks 'Made In Chelsea' is "pretty different" now than ever before because it has brought back the original cast and introduced new "fresh meat".

She said: "This series is pretty different to the others I think there are older cast members who have come back which is really fun because I got to meet them, a bit of fresh meat. It's really nice and nice to be back from France.

"It's such a big cast now there's like 25 of us, lots going on and it's fun, its good."

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