Honey G's family 'embarrassed' by her

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  • 24 October 2016
Honey G

Honey G

'X Factor' hopeful Honey G's family are embarrassed by her and find it "painful" watching her being ridiculed in front of the nation

Honey G's family find it "painful" to watch her making a fool of herself on 'The X Factor'.

A member of the aspiring rapper's family has revealed how "embarrassing" it is for them to watch the controversial star perform on the ITV talent show because they don't like to see her being ridiculed in front of thousands of viewers.

A relative, who chose not to be named, told the Daily Star newspaper: "To the nation Honey G is funny to watch but to her family it's embarrassing.

"She has always lived in the shadow of her sister and finally this is her time to get attention--but it's painful to watch.

"Anna is a very sensitive soul and to watch her being mocked by the nation is upsetting."

Throughout the series Honey G - whose real name is Anna Guildford - has been called a "novelty act", however, on Saturday night's (22.10.16) show head judge Simon Cowell, 57, was full of praise for the star's rendition of Vanilla Ice's, 'Ice, Ice Baby' and Queen and David Bowie's 'Under Pressure'.

He said: "Because of your enthusiasm and your love for what you're doing, you're turning this around."

Meanwhile, John Legend - who mentored the contestants last week - admitted he didn't quite know how to deal with the 35-year-old 'X Factor' hopeful.

Speaking at an exclusive playback of his new album 'Darkness & Light', attended by BANG Showbiz, he said: "There's been a lot of conversation about her, I'd heard about her but I hadn't seen any of the episodes leading up to it. She has attracted a lot of attention, all I told her was try and be the best version of her that you can be. To me, I think part of it is about choosing which songs you do and trying to execute the mechanical of being a good rapper, it's about flow, it's about how you use your voice, how you communicate to the audience so I tried to be as kind and sensitive as I could be.

"You know; people are obviously getting caught up in the novelty of it. The song she had chosen, I thought, heightened the novelty of her because it was referencing another novelty act, which I thought wasn't the best idea, so I told her that. What else do you want me to say?!"

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