Honey G's Bowie ban

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  • 22 October 2016
Honey G

Honey G

Honey G has been banned from rapping over a David Bowie track on 'The X Factor' and is worried that it will result in a poor performanc

Honey G has been banned from rapping over a David Bowie track on 'The X Factor'.

The aspiring rapper - who has been slammed as a joke contestant - will perform Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' which samples 'Under Pressure' by Bowie and Queen but Bowie's estate has warned that she cannot include her own signature rap during the performance.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Bowie's estate have been very reluctant in letting her use the song, she can't make it her own in any way and must stick to Vanilla Ice's version."

And this has left the rapper, whose real name is Anna Georgette Gilford, worried.

The insider explained: "Honey is really nervous because her biggest draw is all the gimmicks and personal touches she puts on her raps.

"Now she really has to stick to the format, so she doesn't want to cause any problems. This could really make or break her."

Meanwhile, former X Factor winners Little Mix recently insisted Honey G is a fake.

Jade Thirlwall said: "I think it's a joke. I don't believe she's real. She's blatantly an actress. Let's just say, I've heard she's an actress."

And Jesy Nelson added: "She's just no. I think she's an actress, I've been told she is as well."

While Leigh-Anne Pinnock doesn't mind novelty acts in the show, she would prefer to see "real talent" shine through.

She said: "I'm all for entertainment, but I'm also all for real talent as well."

Jesy previously slammed 'The X Factor' for letting novelty acts, such as Honey G and Bratavio, through to the live shows.

She said: "I don't think it's fair that novelty acts get through. I get it in that it becomes a little niche thing and everyone finds it funny, but I just think it's so unfair when so many incredible people don't get through.

"If that would've been [the case] on our year, I would've been f****d off."

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