Will.i.am believes winning a talent show is 'pointless'

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  • 21 October 2016


Will.i.am believes winning a talent show is "pointless", and new judge Jennifer Hudson has proved it by coming seventh on 'American Idol' but has since gone on to be a successful artist

Will.i.am believes winning a talent show is "pointless".

The former Black Eyed Peas band member, who is set to return to 'The Voice UK' when it switches over to ITV for the next series after judging on every series since the shows debut in 2012, has admitted the new judge, Jennifer Hudson, "debunks" the "whole idea" only the shows champions go on to be a huge success.

Speaking to the Radio Times Online about the 'Spotlight' hitmaker - who came seventh on 'American Idol' in 2004 - and the myth around only winners of musical competitions are successful, he said: "She has this nugget of perspective that kind of debunks the whole premise of the show - of winning. The whole idea of Jennifer Hudson makes the record deal [prize] and winning pointless.

"Here's a person who came seventh and has an awesome career. She's done movies, she's won Grammies, she's won Emmys, she won BAFTAs - she's won a whole bunch of awards and sold a whole bunch of records and sold out a lot of fr**king seats in arenas."

Meanwhile, Emma Willis - who will front the show alone - has revealed the programme is set to get a new brutal twist, which will force the judges to dish out gut-wrenching critical feedback during the red-chair blind auditions, whilst members on the panel who don't put themselves forward as a mentor are banned from swinging round to see the contestants.

Speaking previously, the brunette beauty said: "If you don't push your button for a contestant, you don't get to see them. So only the people who press the button get to see who it is, so if no one turns, no one sees who sung."

However, the 40-year-old presenter thinks the change will be "good" for the show as it'll force the judges - Will.i.am, Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer and fellow newcomer Gavin Rossdale - to be less apologetic towards the contestants and a lot more critical.

She explained: "I think it is good ... When they see someone who hasn't turned, it's very apologetic. But if they haven't seen that person and don't have to interact directly, it's a bit more 'that was a little bit off key'."

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