Caleb Followill on Kings of Leon's 'honest' LP

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  • 20 October 2016
Caleb Followill

Caleb Followill

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill says he has proud of the band's seventh LP 'WALLS' because it's the first time he has bared his soul

Caleb Followill says it has taken him until Kings of Leon's seventh album to be "honest".

The 'Sex on Fire' hitmakers recently dropped 'WALLS' and the 34-year-old rocker has admitted until this record he hasn't been able to show his true feelings and share how "vulnerable" he has been in the past.

Speaking about the band's extremely personal album, he admitted: "There is some honesty on these. It's the seventh album and it took me this long to be honest and vulnerable at times. The guys all rallied behind me and told me to go for it."

One of the most frank tracks, 'Over', was written when the group cancelled a tour in 2011 while Caleb was treated for alcohol addiction, and while it is "deep", Caleb says wearing his heart on his sleeve has been "fun".

Speaking about the song to Clara Amfo on UK radio station BBC Radio 1, he admitted: "That one is kind of deep. It was fun to write though. I like to write songs from the outside looking in and that was fun to create a character and put myself in there."

Meanwhile, Caleb admitted that he never imagined the indie band would make seven albums, but he's really "proud" of their latest offering and thinks they've found their "stride".

He explained: "We never expected to make seven albums, we were just happy to make one. We took advantage of that and made albums as quickly as we possibly could. I feel like on our seventh album we really found our stride, there are some special things on this that we haven't done before. We are very proud of it."

Caleb - who is married to model Lily Aldridge - previously opened up about their personal record.

He said: "There are a lot of personal stories on this album... We're still hungry and still young at heart."

Caleb explained how his supermodel spouse's brush with the supernatural inspired a love song called 'Find Me'.

He said: "She stayed in this hotel in Los Angeles. This is going to sound weird and a lot of people will roll their eyes, but she felt like it was haunted. When she tells the story, it's the scariest thing. So I took that and turned it into a love story."

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