Clean Bandit's 'shock' over Neil Milan's exit

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  • 20 October 2016
Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto admits it was a "shock" when Neil Milan announced he was leaving the group on Wednesday (19.10.16)

Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto says it was a "shock" when violinist Neil Milan announced he was leaving the group.

The 'Rather Be' hitmaker always knew Neil was contemplating a career change, but admits it was so "sad" when he actually announced his departure.

She said: "He's been thinking about it for a long time. It was a shock that he actually left, so said."

The pop beauty says Neil left to fulfil other dreams and thinks he may even want to pursue politics and she is unsure if he will even continue being a musician.

She told the Metro newspaper: "I think he wants to explore other things. I'm not sure if it will be musical though. He's always been interested in politics so I imagine he'll probably go into something like that."

Despite his exit, Grace - who is also joined by Jack and Luke Patterson in the pop band - says she wishes him well and can't wait to see whatever he decides to do in the future.

She said: "I wish him all the best and will be excited to see what he does next."

Neil features on one last song with the group, 'Tears', and so he will not be on the rest of their next album.

Grace explained: "'Tears' was the last thing we did together."

Clean Bandit are gearing up to release their new single featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie called 'Rockabye', which has been a "dream" collaboration for Grace.

She said: "It's been a dream of mine to work with Sean Paul my whole life. I can retire now!"

Announcing his departure on Wednesday (19.10.16), Neil said: "hello everyone, I have decided to leave clean bandit. it was a decision that took me a very long time to reach but it is the right one. so many people have made these last four years quite unbelievable and I am so thankful for it all. meeting (and tweeting) you guys has been really so incredible I have learned so much and seen so many things and it will all stay with me forever. your support for the music and just for me more generally is one of the most insane and amazing things I have ever experienced. (sic)."

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